Coupons for SplashTown San Antonio

Splashtown San Antonio Coupons

Coupons And Savings Tips For Your Visit to Splashtown San Antonio

Planning a trip Splashtown this summer? One of the easiest ways to save money is by using coupon codes and promo codes when you buy your passes online. You can use coupon code websites like Coupon Puppy to find the latest coupon codes, or you can use our quick guide that’s full of coupons and tips to save extra cash on your trip.

Best Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • investex2012 – $7 off Adult & Children’s Admission Costs before 5 PM.
  • investex2010 – $10 off Adult Admission.
  • 20% Off – Save 20% off with advance online purchase of a General Admission Ticket.

A Family-Friendly Destination

The Splashtown Water Park in San Antonio is the perfect destination for families who love water sports, water parks, and fun in the water. Splashtown offers more than just water fun because if you don’t go out into the water, other activities will keep your family busy. Besides the traditional water park activities such as water slides and water slides, there are also other activities. 

Note the attraction’s ticket prices, as many attractions have their own tickets and daily rates on that day, but not all. 

Where To Find More Coupons: 

To get more discounts, plan to visit Go City San Antonio (google it) to check for upgrade tickets and to see if they have discounts of interest. 

More Coupon Code Websites: offers a selection of deals, but they rotate, so if you only get one deal that interests you at the moment, don’t buy it. It is worth getting a big discount, even if it only goes from three to five, because of the huge discounts. 

Sam’s Club Membership Perks: 

Sam’s Club members can purchase a family package that includes a family of four for $157 (plus taxes) for just $7.99, plus a $5 discount on their monthly membership fee. Even the lowest tier, Membership Gold, offers all the benefits of a good season pass, including the same discounts that season ticket holders receive. Regret to win a one-time – or – one-time – gift card to one of our favorite local shops, restaurants, bars, and restaurants. 

If You Come Back To SplashTown More Than Once:

If you come back to Splashtown more than twice, you should buy an unlimited parking permit online for $45 instead of paying $15 for each visit. From August 29 to September 2, guests will receive a $10 discount on their first visit to Splashtown San Antonio. Season tickets and Six Flags memberships are also available for those who will be in the region more than once a year. When you buy a season ticket, you will also receive free parking for a limited time for the first two days of your stay. Between August 28 and September 1, all guests can receive an additional $5 off their second visit when purchasing a season ticket. 

Visitors are also invited to take advantage of Splashtown’s best coupons by saving on groceries at restaurants, food from restaurants to entry, and merchandise from stores. 

The San Antonio Convention and Visitor’s Bureau is also able to help families find discounts on all of San Austin’s attractions. Fortunately, discounts and coupons are not limited to Splashtown, but also include other places where families can have fun. Splash Town coupon codes are redeemable for discounts on various water attractions, including water parks, water slides, and rides at the park’s water park. 

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