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Is a Business Trip in Your Future? Tips for Making the Most of the Experience

You may be skilled at packing a bag and heading out the door to a conference halfway across the country. Or, this might be new territory. Either way, to get the most out of your business trip you need to select the right accommodations, do your best to keep healthy and allow time for work and play. Better yet, if it’s allowed, bring the family. They’ll keep you grounded and make sure you take time for some fun.

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Make Sure Your Hotel Has the Necessary Business Amenities

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Most travelers look for comfortable, reasonably priced accommodations with amenities such as a pool, fitness room and a convenient coffee shop. Business travelers need just a bit more. If you’re staying at an airBnB, having top appliances and cookware can make all the difference in your experience.

Depending on the type of trip, you may want access to meeting rooms with audio visual equipment and wireless internet or simply an onsite business center. In room high-speed internet is also a must. You don’t want to be hanging out in the lobby and having a business conversation on your cellphone while trying to balance your laptop. More and more properties are putting work desks and chairs inside their rooms so you can be comfortable while you work.

Eat Wisely and Get Some Exercise

Chances are you’re in meetings or on a convention floor a good part of your day. Many properties include some sort of daily breakfast in their room rates. Hopefully your property includes fresh fruits and whole grains, or maybe even a buffet. Take advantage of the breakfast; it’s a lot healthier than munching on donuts while sitting around the meeting table. Use your hotel’s gym and swimming pool for some much needed exercise. Eating a good breakfast, combined with that exercise gives you the energy needed for work and play.

Allow for Some “Me” Time

You’re in a new city. Go on out and explore. Don’t become a hermit ordering take-out and zoning out on TV shows. Before leaving for your trip, read up on the destination. For example, if your job takes you to San Antonio, Texas, you’ll find this is the place to see the Alamo and take a walk on the San Antonio River-Walk. The former is a stroll down history lane. The latter is a scenic place to get some exercise and then find a riverfront café for some local food and a bit of people watching. Allow yourself some free time, even if it’s just a few hours. The change in scenery is a great way to recharge those batteries.

If Possible, Bring the Family

It’s not that unusual nowadays to bring the family along on business trips, particularly if that trip lands you in a popular tourist area. Attending a week-long conference in Anaheim or Orlando? Both are excellent excuses to visit Disneyland or Disney World. Both locales also have eye-popping beaches and dozens of attractions to keep the family entertained while you are working. Other dynamic family-friendly cities include San Francisco, Seattle and New York. Business trips to smaller cities, such as Walla Walla, Washington, with its vineyards or Sedona, Arizona, known for its spas and natural beauty, are perfect for a little couple time. You may be in a board room all day, but you’ll have a romantic dinner with your significant other to look forward to.

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